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In the times of today, we are constantly running on our toes to complete tasks, meet deadlines, and supervise chores and what not! There is a constant pressure of performing well in various realms of lives and for giving in full effort to the tasks in our hand, we need a sturdy body.

Due to the ever increasing stress and multi-tasking attitude of mankind, being fit is more than a necessary. We tend to experiment with many fitness regimes but most of us leave it in halfway. Here are a few cheat tricks to have a healthy fitness regime which is attainable and you can also stick to it on a daily basis.

Plan of Action

When you start your gymming session, always sit beforehand with your trainer and plan your regime according to your body type, ability, and goals. Understand what you need to work on and make a plan of action. Calculate your chest-waist ratio. You can take the help of Adonis golden ratio. Before you wonder about is Adonis golden ratio ideal for men, you should know that it has been termed as “The Perfect Body Formula” by Men’s Health magazine.


Look Out For Fun Training Choices

There are many workout types out there which can help you become fit along with some fun. Workout need not be monotonous and boring; there are many activities which are easy and fun to do as well as help you tone your body and lose weight. They are:

  • Swimming
  • Zumba sessions
  • Hula hoops
  • Acrobats
  • Skating
  • Power yoga
  • Aqua yoga
  • Trekking
  • Pilates

These will not only make you fitter but also satisfy the recreational urge.

Group Training

Involve your friends in your training sessions. This way you will tend to stick to them for a relatively longer time. Moreover, you can get additional discounts on enrolling for an activity as a group. This will help you encourage each other, help out each other at times of need and also make the activities fun to do.

Do not Aim for Unrealistic Goals

It is the biggest reason why people leave their fitness regime halfway. When we indulge ourselves in any kind of fitness regime, we often tend to make unrealistic goals. You can draw inspiration from the heavyweight builders you see in gym. Yeah, they also started their regime from mere 2kg dumbbells. You have to take baby steps first. Make small goals which keep you on the uptake but are as well attainable.


Crash diets will lead you to nowhere near your goal. Majority of people cannot even stick to crash diets for more than one month. Instead of gaining fitness, you end up degrading it. With the right amount of gymming or any other fitness activity, you need a balanced diet containing fruits, vegetables, proteins, and good fats. Do not binge. Eat your comfort food once a month. Do not completely avoid fats as they are also a vital part of your diet. Taking a balanced diet will help you to stick to your plan longer than any other fad diets.

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Michael Williams guides you in designing of a healthy fitness regime which responds to your needs.