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Up to half of the population in the Western world is obese or overweight, so there is obviously a huge market for weight loss products. Literally hundreds of different supplements are sold in the market in the form of more than 5000 products. Among all of them, Forskolin has turned out to be one of the most prominent ingredients. What is so different about this extract and how does it compare with others?

Why is it so Popular?

Well, the primary reason for its popularity is that it has actually been shown to work and aid fat loss. Yes, there are several others like raspberry ketones that are also known to burn fat, but Forskolin has gained more popularity because:

  • Researchers have spent more time studying it than other ingredients
  • The process behind its fat burning capability has been clearly identified
  • We know exactly what enzymes it activates and why it burns fat

Too many weight loss ingredients claim to work but do not. Vendors claim that their products magically burn fat. This is true of supplements like those containing raspberry ketones. However, researchers have not been able to establish a link between raspberry and fat burning.

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Side Effects

Weight loss supplements are not part of a normal diet, and they are made from some exotic herbs. They will therefore show some side effects. Some supplements have very severe side effects such as skin irritation, hormonal imbalance, etc. However, supplements with Forskolin extract have shown little to no side effect. If taken in doses greater than that recommended by the vendor, you may experience:

  • Light nausea
  • Some stomach pain

However, these are minor side effects. Moreover, they can easily be corrected by reducing dosage. The side effects are just the body telling you ‘Hey, you don’t need so much of Forskolin, take a smaller amount’. That is about it. Compare this to other weight loss supplements, where fat burning is induced by steroids, which creates heavier side effects.

A Genuine Fat Burner

Unlike many weight loss supplements, Forskolin has fortunately not been sold as a miracle drug. If a vendor promises rapid fat loss with just this supplement, you know they are not genuine and you can safely avoid them. You know you will burn fat steadily if:

  • You take between 30mg to 50mg of Forskolin every day
  • You eat fresh and healthy foods
  • You have a regular exercise regimen that is designed to burn fat

It is important to know that Forskolin is a supplement and it does not directly cause fat burning. If you don’t exercise and focus on a good diet, the extract will not help you much. Instead Forskolin just amplifies the fat loss that is stimulated by a low carbohydrate diet and exercise. …more info.

The most important fact separating Forskolin from other weight loss supplements is its safety of consumption. Unless you are on a blood thinning medication, you can safely consume the extract at its recommended amount. About the only thing that you need to worry about when consuming Forskolin is that you find a genuine vendor and buy a good quality product.

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