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Height growth is a craze among men, like women are mad for their youthful skin and demeanor. Problem is height growth cannot be measured or guessed as a child grows. The simple reason behind this fact is that in humans the growth of height gradually takes place. This makes it really difficult to find out whether someone is suffering from any kind of growth disorder in the initial growth years. Parents are often seen considering HGH pills and other supplements to boost height growth in their kids. As oppose to that we will recommend getting a medical examination done first.

Height growth of our body is entirely controlled by pituitary gland which produces natural growth hormones. If you are suffering from GH deficiency then your height growth can be adversely affected. The solution in such a situation is to make use of HGH stimulants like HGH pills and sprays. Injectible supplements are also available but the side effects from use of these supplements are very high. Here we are going to provide you some insight into height growth methods.


HGH Supplements

With aging the pituitary gland starts losing its efficiency. This results into drastic decline of growth hormone levels in our body. The solution to this problem is to make use of HGH supplements which stimulate the pituitary gland and activate its dormant cells to increase the production of growth hormones in the body. This helps in proficient muscle and bone development leading to healthier and efficient height growth.

Children who suffer from poor mental and physical growth are treated using HGH supplements strictly under doctor’s supervision. You should never self administer the use of HGH for kids.

Stretching Exercises

In the teenage years we can greatly improve the growth of our height by some stretching exercises. The studies show that we can gain as much as 3 inches by proper exercising. The yoga postures and stretching exercises work in three stages. First there is muscular and tonal development of back muscles. Then the spinal decompression takes place followed by progressive spinal cord disc regeneration and thickening.There are some specific exercises developed for height growth and you can consult some instructors on how to gain height exercising.

There are some other techniques as well like using testosterone, limb lengthening and other supplements but their success is overshadowed by the critical side effects these approaches have. It is therefore advised to make use of safe supplements like HGH pills for height growth.

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