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Whether to shave your armpits or not is certainly a lifestyle choice, but many women opt for hair removal because it makes them feel more feminine and hygienic. More and more men are starting to shave their armpits too in the new drive towards male grooming. Over the years we’ve watched certain celebrities flaunt their unshaven armpits – for example Julia Roberts was famously papped at the Notting Hill awards ceremony having clearly not shaved for quite some time. Drew Barrymore, Tyra Banks, Fergie and Paris Hilton are other celebs who’ve run out of razors over the years. Madonna has refused to shave her armpit hair at certain times in her life, stating that it’s a natural part of the body that should be left alone. In the other camp is Kim Kardashian who had laser hair removal for her body hair.

How to Shave for Maximum Comfort

The vast majority of women do opt to shave their armpits for social reasons. The most popular method of hair removal when it comes to armpits is shaving, which in order to keep underarms stubble free needs to be done three or more times a week. Unfortunately shaving the armpits can leave them sore and red, so it’s important to know how to shave properly. Always try to shave armpits while bathing or showering since the water will soften the hairs and reduce the chances of getting a rash, red bumps or soreness. Shave at the end of the shower to ensure hairs are softened, and if you are in the bath wait until you’ve been in the bath for over 5 minutes. Apply a gel or shaving cream and work to a lather, ensuring the whole armpit is covered, and then gently raising the arm shave from top to bottom of the armpit and repeat until all the shaving cream has been removed.


For a really close up shave try shaving in the other direction – this will lift hairs from the base and ensure a smoother finish. When drying do not rub the skin – simply pat – to avoid getting red bumps and sore patches, and afterwards apply a non-perfumed moisturizer to keep skin soft and smooth. It’s also best to wait a while before applying deodorant – so shaving late at night might be more convenient.

Other Ways to Remove Underarm Hair

Other ways to remove hair from the armpits include waxing and sugaring. These methods will remove hair for longer, however waxing can be a little painful – and it’s probably best to get it done professionally the first time. Hair removal creams are another option although they can cause irritation in some people. Electrolysis is another method of hair removal that can get permanent results – and again it pays to seek the services of a qualified practitioner for this.

Laser hair removal works really well on dark hair and gets near permanent results. Since the armpit is a relatively small area to treat, it also works out cost effectively. Laser hair removal can now also be safely carried out at home – an option which is far preferable to many women.

When it comes to removing underarm hair, a combination of methods may fit the bill – shaving is ideal if you are heading to the swimming pool and need a quick fix, whereas if you have more time on your hands a trip to the salon may be in order.

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