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Many bodybuilders tend to follow the bulking and cutting method during and after bodybuilding competitions. This does not mean that they are want gain a lot of adipose tissue when they are bulking up. It takes a lot of work to stay lean and muscular year around, but it is possible if you follow a strict regime.

Gaining Muscle

Bulking is when you want to gain a lot of muscle, not fat. You will need to increase your caloric intake, but that does not mean that you should include a lot of junk food to your diet. This is the time that you will gain a lot of weight. Muscle weighs more than fat and that is why you are gaining weight.


No Workout

Many athletes and bodybuilders will do a cycle of two months of extreme workout regimen and one and a half months off. During the off time it is important that you do not gain a lot of fatty tissue. There are ways to maintain your physique and body sculpture during this time frame. Be sure to read this carefully so that you will have information for your cycle. This is a good time to find a good anabolic steroid to take in your off time. This will help you maintain your strength and endurance as well as your sexy body.

Synthetic Steroids

Every athlete has probably contemplating using some form of synthetic steroid, but for some reason or another they have not. There are many synthetic anabolic steroids that are available on today’s market. This come in handy during both cycle periods. This are very safe to use, but if you are still concerned for your health and well-being be sure to do a lot of research before you test one of these products.


When you are bulking up you will definitely be doing a lot weightlifting exercises. Synthetic steroids will increase your strength and give the extra energy needed to complete your regimen without feeling exhausted afterwards. These are available in pill form so you do not have to worry about those nasty needles. With most of these supplements you will be required to take about one to three tablets before meals, at least three times a day, in order for them to be effective.


Eggs will be a very important food item in your diet. Egg whites are full of high protein content that will give you lots of energy. Eggs are very inexpensive so there is no true reason why you are not adding them to your diet, unless you are allergic to them. There are so many ways to prepare eggs; all you need is a frying pan and non-stick spray. You can enjoy an egg omelet for every meal if you choose to. Bananas are another great food item that will give you tons of energy so that you can hit the gym and work out all day. Many people do not like the sight of cream of wheat, but if they know how healthy it was for their body, they would think again about eating it.

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