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Green tea is a perfect beverage to keep you healthy and fit. You could have it cold, brewed or hot as per your wish. There are unlimited benefits of using it. Green tea pills could reduce obesity, control cholesterol and provide a glowing skin. There are hundreds of versions of green tea available in the market. All of these versions are prepared from a plant known as camellia sinesis. Here is the list-

  • Dragon well or long Jing
  • Gunpowder
  • Snowy mountain jian
  • Pi lo chum
  • Genmaicha
  • Houjicha
  • Kukicha
  • Matcha
  • Bancha
  • Gyokuro
  • Sencha
  • Hou kui
  • Tian Mu Qing ding

Some of the Features of Gunpowder

Gunpowder is grown in China. Plantation of this popular green tea is spreading vastly in different regions of China. A ball like machine is used to compress these tealeaves. Once this tea is processed, it resembles tiny pellets. These pellets further blossom at the time of brewing. Gunpowder green tea diet pills are widely available. You could consume them on a regular basis to see positive results.

Long Jing tea is also known as dragon well. It is grown in Zhejian region of China and the United states. These leaves develop a jade color after processing. Green snail spring or the Pi Lo chum is grown along with fruits like apricot, plum and peach. This plant has a snail like shape.

Snowy mountain jian is usually found in Yunnan provinces of China. It has long and thick leaves. It is processed like black tea. Hyson lucky dragon tea is yellow in color. The taste of this tea is much better and enriching than other types of tea.

Gyokuro is quite famous in Japan. This plant has pointed and flat leaves. These leaves have a light fragrance and amazing taste. Few weeks before harvesting, these plants are kept under direct sunlight.


Know More about Sencha

Sencha is another common Japanese tea. Leaves require good amount of sunlight to nourish well. It is quite inexpensive than other products. You will be mesmerized by its amazing flavor. Different qualities of sencha teas are available in the market. Hence, it is better to find a trustworthy and reliable seller to buy green tea diet pills.

Genmaicha tea is commonly known as the popcorn tea. It is a specific type of sencha tea. Initially, it is fried and then further blended with equal proportion of hulled rice. By visiting – guide to green tea diet pills, you can learn about different ways to slim down with healthy and natural techniques.

Other Rare Green Tea Leaves

Kukicha tea tastes much similar to a chestnut. It is a very unusual kind of a green tea. On the other hand, Houjicha is brown in color. It has a nutty flavor. As the leaves are roasted, the level of caffeine automatically decreases. Matcha is found in Uji, Japan. This tea requires shade to grow and nourish. It is available in the powered form. Many of you might not have heard about Bancha. These are large and hard leaves.

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