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Healthcare is a huge industry. There is no doubt that throughout time, it is also an industry that has seen amazing changes. In addition, it is one industry that touches the lives of every human alive. Looking back at the past, it is interesting to see just how much this field has changed and how those changes have really benefited everyone with some exceptions. Here are five ways health care has changed in just the last fifty years for the good and bad.

Medical Devices

Innovation is always welcomed in the medical field. It has led to so many great things. The invention of medical devices has been one-way innovation has benefitted so many patients. One example would be a pacemaker, which allows many people to continue to live healthy and happy lives.

Eradicated Diseases

Fifty years ago, people were still getting vaccines to fight against smallpox. Today, the disease is all but wiped out. Measles, mumps, and other similar diseases are also nowhere near the threat they were back then. It has been through new procedures and vaccines that this has been able to happen. Children today don’t have to ever worry about getting these diseases as long as they are vaccinated. In addition, while HIV hasn’t been eradicated, it is now completely controllable. It isn’t the automatic death sentence that people thought it was in the 1980s because of advances in medications.


Back in the 1960s segregation was still very much a thing. Healthcare wasn’t immune from these policies. Patients and caregivers were segregated, which often meant people of color were shipped to hospitals that were lacking, while whites got the fancy, up-to-date, hospitals. Luckily, this all ended and today everyone can enjoy the highest level of care. Learn more about healthcare policies to get an even better idea of how things have changed.

Length of Stays

In years past, patients going into the hospital could expect to be kept for a much longer time than people do today. In some cases, these long stays were pretty useless because there was no reason, for example, to keep a women in the hospital for weeks after giving birth. However, in other cases, shorten hospital stays are something of a concern today because patients feel they haven’t been given enough time to heal and be ready to go home, but insurance companies are running things and saying patients need to get out.


Cost is another area where things might have been better in the past. The cost of healthcare has skyrocketed. As noted in the infographic at USC Online, the cost of healthcare is something that is very much a concern today. Many people struggle to afford it when in past years, it was something that people almost took for granted because it was affordable.

Healthcare is an ever-evolving field. Much has changed in the past fifty years. While much of it has been good and has increased the level of care, some of it hasn’t been that great. The one thing we know, though, is that change is certainly still coming in the future, and it is exciting to think of what may happen.

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Sneha Srimani is a Bachelor of Science graduate in health education. She is also social media manager at Before coming to Nucleus Accumbens, she worked as a Jr. Medical Physicist. Now she decided to share her experience and medical information through this blog.