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You might have heard about the different brands of the vaporizers. Some have pretty cool designs, some have advanced functioning, and some have good batteries and so on. Firefly vaporizer is one vaporizer that has all the advanced functioning, great designs and long battery life. If you are looking forward to order one, then consider this brand. It has smooth and sleek design that will add in your style. There are great and useful features that will enhance your Vape experience. This vaporizer is available in 3 beautiful colors (grey, silver and red). This one is a portable vaporizer that will fit in your pocket easily.

Features Explained

This vaporizer is a real heavy vaporizer, but it adds in the good points because it is made from real good materials. You will feel nice to have a high quality vaporizer in your pocket. This vaporizer is unique and you will find it better than all the other models available in the market. It is easy to clean and provides a huge amount of vapors. Loading and unloading smoking material is quite easy. It is also having a pre heat feature. Pre heat feature will let you have better quality vaporizer.

Batteries you Get

At first the majority of the people were having battery problems with this vaporizer, but now this problem is fixed. Now you will get 2-3 sessions with your vaporizer before there is a need of charging your vaporizer batteries. Another great thing about the battery of this vaporizer is that it will just take 45 minutes to charge the battery full. You can carry on with your important tasks while your battery is charging. This is also one great feature that people are ordering this vaporizer in a huge number. You can also buy extra batteries with jut $ 65 dollars cost.

How it Works?

The majority of the loading feature that comes along with the vaporizers is messy and this also wastes a lot of material sometimes. You just have to remove the lid that is magnetic to reveal fill in the chamber. It has a maximum capacity of 0.2 grams. It has a flip in and off switch. When green light is indicated means you can switch on the heater to activate it. There is no need of exact temperature control. You will get manual along with it to learn about the buttons, loading and unloading and how to use other features of this great vaporizer.

Advantages you will Get

There are numerous advantages which you will get with Firefly vaporizer. Here are some of them explained

  • The heating time is actually very fast and positive point for all those who are little impatient. It is having better quality than all the other vaporizers.
  • This vaporizer is built with high quality materials and you can assure yourself that you get durable vaporizer in your hand.
  • You will get 5 year warranty which is amazingly great. You can get it fixed for free for up to five years.
  • The vapor quality you get is pure, strong and thicker.

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