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People are becoming increasingly conscious of the external appearance. A neatly aligned tooth brings out the best of smiles. But not all are blessed with the stunning smile due reasons of bad alignment of teeth, irregular teeth and many more. Smile correction is one of the major segment in which the dentist in Kensington have earned an expertise through years of experience.

Cosmetic dentists are different from the traditional dentist as the latter is more inclined to perform treatment procedure for oral health or dental problems. The cosmetic dentist looks into correction of any defects in mouth or teeth that can cause hindrance to the overall personality of the person. Technological advancement enables dentist to make corrective treatment for smile that is quick and even painless.

Some of the cosmetic corrective treatment that is often sought and performed by the dentist in Kensington includes:


If the perfect smile is lost due to a broken tooth or missing tooth then implants is the one that will be suggested by the dentist. Broken tooth not only affects the appearance of the person but is also a great hindrance for crisp speech. The dentist often makes use of the restorative procedure to replace the artificial implants in the jawbone. This looks similar to the original teeth and can perform all functions similarly.

Surgical Procedure

Smile makeovers are trending in the dentistry segment as people are ready to get under the knife for that perfect smile. Gum lift is done wherein the tissues are restructured and corrected to bring the perfect shape. Similarly, even the arches are corrected to enhance the smile of a person.


It is a simple and non-surgical method of correcting the broken tooth. Decayed tooth can also be prevented from plucking if the roots are found to be still healthy. The moulds for the crown are made by taking the exact measurement of the teeth and crowns are made out of it. These are very snugly fit onto the broken tooth and remains there performing all the services of original tooth.


To correct the gaps between the teeth, dentist may prefer fixing bridges and placing a crown on top of it.


The decayed tooth can be effectively treated using fillings that are made of metals like silver or gold. But these have lost its charm as more and more people are opting for ceramic filling. Ceramic filling can be made to look like the original teeth as it is available in colours that match the original shades of teeth.


Frequent chewing of tobacco or smoking will leave the teeth with stains stripping off the natural white shine. Several whitening kits are available in the market that can be used at home to treat the stains. However, tougher stains require the aid of the cosmetic dentist who will perform the laser teeth bleaching and whitening procedure.

With so many advanced treatments available in the market, getting the perfect smile is no longer a dream.

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