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Omega 3 fatty acids are one of the most important compounds, which are responsible for development and health in a human body. These compounds play a very important role in the growth patterns and also help in maintenance of healthy cell structure for every tissue in the body.

Omega 3 is most importantly useful for development of the retinas and in the development of good eyesight. These compounds are also very important for heart muscle strength. In terms of brain health, omega 3 helps in nerve cell function and health which is basically the root for all the cognitive functions in the brain.

Even though body requires omega 3 for so many functions and development processes, the human body cannot produce this component by itself. The fats should be obtained from other food sources. There is a certain amount of omega 3s in vegetables but the best source is cold water sea life. The crustaceans and fishes found in cold water are loaded with these fats in a biodegradable form. These fats can be used directly by the brain and the body.

Effects of Using Fish or Krill

Fish and krill oil both are an excellent source for these good fats. Once these two are consumed both deliver omega 3 acids which are basically in the form of EFA, DHA. These acids help in nourishing cell membranes and making them more facilitating and preamble so that the nutrients can flow in to the cells and remove any wastes. This process makes the cells efficient, which mean they turn into stronger tissues and have better organ function. It also makes the cell less prone to infections and diseases.

Fish Oil vs. Krill Oil

One of the main differences between fish oil and krill oil is that krill oil has choline content in its compound, which is an effective mood and brain supplement. If you use krill oil in your daily routine, you can enhance your learning and intelligence. It is easier to retain information in work, school or in personal life for the user. There are many cognitive benefits associated with increased level of choline in the body. Fish oil is good for omega 3 fatty acids but if you want a little extra, you should choose for krill oil.

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