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Filing for disability can be a very frustrating experience for those disabled individuals who do not understand how the Social Security Administration determines the validity and approval of a claim. For the most part, each claim is a routine daily request to the SSA, while it is probably the only disability ruling the claimant will ever file. Social Security deals only in total disability, and all approvals for standard Social Security Disability Insurance will remain in effect for the lifetime of the recipient. Supplemental Security Income approval is not necessarily held to this rule, as SSI recipients can be reevaluated each year for advancement of their disabling condition. Regardless of the program of approval, it is very important to have an experienced and effective disability attorney like Daniel Parmele representing your case.


Disability claims are won or lost based on the evidence presented by the claimant’s legal counsel concerning the health and ability to work of the client. While it is possible for some disabled individuals to be approved immediately without the need of an attorney, this is rarely the case. The Social Security Administration reportedly denies approximately 70% of all applicants, and the number could even be higher. The appeals process of a claim can also take a considerable amount of time, as the government always performs due diligence with each case with respect to medical evidence and work history. Having a lawyer who focuses solely on representing disability claims ensures that all pertinent documented information needed by the disability agency will be included in the filing, as well as updated medical information when a condition worsens.

Approval Rules

The SSA uses a very complicated list of rules when determining the ability to work for each applicant. Always remember that a disability benefits request is not necessarily a claim of physical impairment, but more so is a claim that the claimant cannot maintain substantive gainful employment due to the health condition. In addition, this medical situation can also include multiple health issues that can be compounded to compare equally with a known condition that warrants automatic approval. Understanding how to combine health issues with respect to percentage of impairment is one of the strengths of an experienced disability attorney because they understand how the disability rules can work for or against their client. This is information the typical disabled individual does not realize, and having a solid representative can help to expedite the wait time on a claim.

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Anyone in the Kansas/Missouri/Illinois region who is facing a disability ruling should contact Parmele Law Firm at 1-855-727-6353 or at their official website at and let them evaluate your case. Daniel Parmele is a former Senior Staff Attorney for the SSA and understands how the claim process works on the both sides of the claims approval process.

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