How Safe Are Testosterone Treatments For Men?

It has been found that testosterone injections and hormone gels lead to a higher risk of stroke or heart attack. Prescribing testosterone should therefore be done cautiously. With over 5 million prescriptions being done in a single year in the United States, practicing precaution in testosterone use is necessary. Prescribing Testosterone In men, testosterone is...+

Struggling To Get Pregnant? 5 Infertility Treatment Solutions Explained

If you are struggling to get pregnant then the first thing you need to do is not panic. The truth is that many people don’t talk about the struggles of falling pregnant, so they assume that everyone gets pregnant as soon as they start trying but this is not the case at all! In fact,...+

Top 5 Quotes Of Celebrities Who Have Had Hair Replacement Surgery

More and more celebrities are opting to have hair replacement surgery, and are comfortable with being public about their reasons for doing so. The most common form of hair replacement surgery is known as Follicular Unit Extraction, whereby healthy hair follicles are removed from a healthy area of the scalp and transplanted to a part...+