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Pregnancy would be best described as the development of fetus or embryo in the uterus of the woman. It has been commonly used term for gestation in human beings. In case, a woman carries multiple pregnancies, it would be more than one fetus or embryo in single pregnancy. That would explain the birth of twins. Childbirth has been mostly known to occur approximately 38 weeks after the woman conceives. The period of conception would be calculated from the last normal menstruation period of the woman. It is also known as LNMP.

What Is The Science Behind Conception?

Conception could be best described when a healthy sperm from a male would penetrate the egg in the woman’s body. The sperm would fertilize that egg. This process would happen in the fallopian tube of the woman, especially after ovulation. It would be when the ovaries have released the matured egg. There are two ovaries. The matured egg could be released by any of the ovaries. However, in case of a couple being infertile, pregnancy is made possible with the assistance of reproductive technology.

A majority of pregnancies have been known to last from approximately 37 to 42 weeks time. The health care professionals would calculate the date of delivery approximately 40 weeks, starting from the conception date. It would be pertinent to mention here that around one in twenty births have been known to take place on the decided date. Nonetheless, any baby born prior to the 37-week period would be termed as premature. On the other hand, any baby born after the 43-week period would be termed as post-mature.

What Are The Symptoms Of Pregnancy?

It would not be wrong to suggest that every woman has been deemed different. Consequently, she would have different symptoms with respect to pregnancy as well. Regardless, one considerable symptom has been missed or delayed period. Having comprehensive understanding of the symptoms and signs of pregnancy has been deemed imperative, as every symptom could be associated with something other than natural pregnancy. You might experience various symptoms and signs of pregnancy in merely a week of getting pregnant. Moreover, it could also be possible that you might not be able to experience any symptom for several weeks at all.

It would be advised that you should opt for pregnancy test in order to ensure you have been blessed with the most beautiful gift from the Almighty.

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