How to Begin a Daily Meditation Practice

Summary: Experience the magic of meditation by developing a meditation practice. Here is how you can get started on it.   Have you ever wondered about the nature of the most revered and fascinated organ of a human body– The Brain? Well, many of us don’t. Distinct from controlling the body functions, influencing our behavior...+

Natural Remedies for Opiate Addiction

While it usually takes a professional to help lead an addict through withdrawal, the sad fact is that there are few resources available to those without medical insurance and even fewer resources (even with insurance!) in many rural areas of the nation. With so few resources and untrained medical professionals, simply substituting one addictive drug...+

How to Save Money by Looking After Your Health

Being sick can be a costly business, even if you have excellent health coverage. There’s not only the immediate financial costs, and sorting out insurance claims, but there could be lost working time that affects your career, or if you’re in business, it could hamper your ambitions to expand. Your family is put under extra...+