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Breasts are one of the most attractive natural features of women, and it is also one of the major additions to their natural beauty. No matter how good looking a woman is, if the breasts are way too small, it can hamper the overall outlook of a woman. The breast enlargement surgeries that many women go through these days are to only avoid being looked down upon due to their small breasts. However, these breast enlargement surgeries, and other methods tried by the women are not always safe, and may leave the women with uneasy feeling about their body, and also a number of side effects. Here we have enumerated few of the most common and natural ways to increase the size of the breasts that you can follow as well to get well endowed breasts.

  • To increase the bust size naturally, one should massage their breast regularly. It is one of the most effective and popular methods of increasing the bust size. Make it a habit to massage your bust for half an hour each day. It helps in circulating the blood flow to breasts, and would also enhance the flow of phytoestrogens to the breasts. This helps in enlarging the breast size slowly, but surely. To do it, first rub your hands and after they are a bit heated by the friction, place the palms on your breast and gently press them while moving in clockwise direction, and then anti-clockwise direction.
  • There are certain exercises meant for enhancing the bust size, without taking too much time or causing too much strain. Wall Pressing and Arms swinging exercises are known to help with enhancing the bust size. Doing household chores manually also helps a lot.
  • Eating foods known to be estrogenic can help in enhancing the bust size naturally. Having soy foods, green leafy vegetables, sunflower seeds, chicken head soup, eggs, fruits, and anise seeds are known to infuse a lot estrogen in the bloodstream, which can help to boost your bust.
  • Wearing very tight bras or clothes that would make your breasts look flat can also hamper the blood circulation in the breasts. Wear clothes that enhance the breasts size, and make them look fuller. It should give enough space for your breasts too stay free and breathe naturally.
  • If you are too skinny or eat too less, then you might want to put on some weight to get larger breasts. As you put on weight, some of it would go to your breasts and help it look bigger.


The above mentioned ways would definitely help you increase your bust size naturally, and without the need for any kind of medication or prescription drugs that can harm your body. Due to the unhealthy eating habits and the amount of stress that the women have to go through today are also few of the reasons why many women are endowed with the smaller breasts. As breasts are the source of self confidence and high moral esteem, being a symbol of femininity, following the above mentioned ways can definitely help to boost the bust naturally.

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