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Although a majority of men suffer with a receding hairline at some point in their lives, losing your hair can be a massive blow to your self-esteem. Unless you’re lucky enough to be a guy who can really pull off the bald look, hair loss can leave you constantly worried about how you’re going to cover it up and what you’re going to do if it gets too bad to ignore. Thankfully, there are many ways to combat hair loss today. We’ve listed some of the best methods here.

Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are becoming much more popular today, especially follicular unit extraction (FUE), which does not leave a scar. Many men, particularly younger guys, worry about being left with a scar on the back of their heads after a hair transplant. Opting for this method avoids a scar since it involves harvesting grafts one at a time, rather than the ‘strip method’, which harvests multiple follicles at once. Although this method takes longer and may cost you more, it improves healing rates by up to 80%.

Medicated Hair Products

If you are only experiencing slight hair loss, then dealing with it as quickly as possible will help you to combat baldness. In order to do this, you may be able to use medicated scalp and hair products, which contains the hair-growing chemical known as minoxidil that’s been proven scientifically to promote hair growth and stop hair loss from advancing. If you are considering using a medicated hair product to encourage hair growth, it’s important to ensure that you pick a high-quality option such as Scalp Med, which is created with a unique blend of moisturizers and supplements to help you avoid any side effects such as dandruff whilst using the treatment.

Over the Counter Drugs

For some men suffering from baldness or hair loss, over the counter medications such as Propecia can be useful. Also known as Finasteride, this OTC drug works by blocking the production of a male hormone in the scalp, which causes hair loss. According to health experts, men can begin taking this medication at a young age and continue for a long time in order to avoid hair loss. According to a five-year study on this drug, over 65% of the men who took Propecia experienced hair loss cessation and even hair regrowth.

Laser Light Therapy

Another treatment option to consider when it comes to combatting hair loss is laser light therapy. This treatment encourages the process of protein synthesis that is essential for hair regeneration, along with stimulating increased blood flow to the scalp and encouraging better hair regrowth. According to experts, this type of therapy is the best option for men who have noticed some shedding and want to put a stop to their hair loss before it gets any worse, whilst maintaining the hair that they do have. This treatment option could even lead to better hair, with studies showing that 40% of people report thicker hair after undergoing laser light therapy.

Thanks to these great modern ways to reverse hair loss, there’s no need to buy a hat!

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