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The search for the recipe for eternal youth carries on today in the research laboratories of the world, and the prize they desire is the billion dollars that the industries that surround exercise and good looks generate. Looking good is one of the major concerns in peoples lives; and if your years are advancing, the chances are that you have started longing for the looks of your youth; and who can blame you. If you are searching for a formula to help, then you are going to be disappointed, as there is no perfect formula. However, there are practices and treatments you can adhere to that will help you look younger and healthier. Here are a few ideas that will make you look and feel younger.


Treat yourself to some hair treatments and a visit to a great hairdresser every few weeks. As we get older our hair can lose some of the natural bounce that it once had, and the shine can disappear along with your color. Most people who are proud of their hair are proud of themselves, and if your hair starts to look great again, so will you.

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It is possible to fight the spread of wrinkles on your face and body, and there are several ways to accomplish this. If you smoke… stop. Smoking has been proven to cause wrinkles, so this is a great place to start (it will have other benefits too). Try to keep out of the sun as much as possible, use moisturizer, and drink plenty of water. If your wrinkles have already set in, there are procedures like Botox and face lifts that can help you, and there is a lot to be said for facial massages to fight back the years too.


It seems unavoidable that as we get older we put on more weight, but it is not impossible to lose it again; just more difficult. Even celebrities can have a crisis and gain enough weight to become obese, let alone overweight, but even this can be helped with bariatric surgery. One look at this new york bariatric surgery video with Mo Bounce will show you the huge effect that losing all that weight can have. Mo Bounce now looks 10 years younger, so do not believe all is lost. For those who only need to lose a few pounds, a good fitness trainer will soon burn those off; so head down to the gym and find a personal trainer. Of course, there are treatments like Cool Sculpting that can help you, but as you should be exercising anyway you should try that first.


You should not exercise simply because you want to lose weight, there are too many benefits from exercise that make you feel good to be ignored if you want to look younger. Exercise releases chemicals like serotonin and dopamine into your body, and these chemicals help you feel good; and if you feel good you look younger. Exercising is also a great way to meet new people, and new experiences and friends will also make you feel like a new person. One other benefit is posture. Improving your muscle strength will help you support your frame better, and could give you the posture you had 20 years ago.

Life isn’t just about looking young. However, if you say that to some 50 year olds who are pining for their youth, you may have a long debate on your hands.

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