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The busy life we lead these days puts great pressure on us physically and emotionally. Chiropractors help us because they understand that we rely on a normally functioning nervous system. But is there something they are not telling us? Let’s look closer.

Chiropractors Differ in Opinion Themselves

‘Subluxation’ is a common word in a chiropractic’s vocabulary, which refers to spinal problems their patients have. Most chiropractors treat these problems, however a growing number of experts actually consider this an underlying problem instead of a primary one.

They Tend to Promise too Much

The basic treatment that chiropractic practices, like the Eugene Chiropractor, often are usually some physiotherapy measures as are heat, ultrasound, massage, and electrical muscle stimulation and of course spinal manipulation. Still, these techniques don’t help with some problematic diseases so chiropractors tend to oversell their work.


And They Also Go Way Over Their Comfort Zone

Some chiropractors offer their service not only to people, for whom they are trained for but also for pets or farm animals even. They should not be considered as a choice in these situations.

Serious Injuries can Possible be Mistreated

Chiropractors lack medical training in comparison to higher degree levels. They will both be honest and send you to an expert, or they will try to treat you, only to make your injury more serious.

Additional Unnecessary Services

They will try to persuade you to come more often than you should because you are in need of a regular treatment. Discounts and special offer will be easily thrown at you, make sure you recognize them in time.

Popping Sound Doesn’t Mean Much

It is the similar sound of cracking your knuckles and it is nothing to be afraid of. Dissolved gas locked in the joint fluid only releases with this sound.

The Amount of X-rays Can be Extremely High

With simple strains or back and neck pain there is no need for a detailed –ray with a good chiropractor. The main reason for telling patients to get an unnecessary x-ray is, of course, money.

Tight Scope of Vast Medical Knowledge

Chiropractors tend to overestimate themselves and give you advice on other medical fields. However, their medical training is not that detailed, so better ask an expert on advice that is not about chiropractic.

Surprising New Methods Often Appear

Don’t be surprised with some unusual techniques that help your ‘bruised karma’ or an ‘unbalanced chakra’. As soon as your chiropractor shows off with these intense terms consider replacingthem.

Insurance Companies Often Don’t Cover Treatments

Insurance covering in case of chiropractic treatment is only given by law. Don’t be surprised if your insurance company is reluctant, it is not their priority.

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Sneha Srimani is a Bachelor of Science graduate in health education. She is also social media manager at Before coming to Nucleus Accumbens, she worked as a Jr. Medical Physicist. Now she decided to share her experience and medical information through this blog.